Don’t Stop Eating to Diet

You really don’t have to stop eating to go on a diet. It really doesn’t have to be that painful. Unless you are looking for a short-term quick gain the amount and what you eat should be a very gradual reduction process. This may be six months to a year where you gradually change your diet. We can provide you with a diet plan that we agree with you and how long you want it to run. At the end of the diet plan you should be ready to go it alone. In fact by the time you come off your diet plan with us you probably will already be doing that without realising.

Why not give it a go? We are offering a free diet plan and three month mentoring. All we ask is for you to feed back to us what is working and where we can improve whilst we perfect our processes.

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Chocolate Cake Diet

Do you want a diet that allows you to eat Chocolate cake and other goodies like donuts? If you enjoy these things or other such deliciously scrumptious foods I guess you are going to find it pretty damn difficult to go on a diet that stops you eating them. Maybe you have already tried a diet that stops you eatings such things and you have stopped because you just couldn’t resist.

With our new diet plan we don’t stop you eating the foods you like, because we know that at some point you will revert back. So the way we work is to offer a plan tailored to your individual desires and habits and with  your own personal mentor offering guidance to reduce the amount you eat slowly and develop new habits so that you do not feel the urge to eat so often.


If you would like to join our plan it is free. The reason it is free, is it is new and we are trying out some new ideas and all we ask is for your feedback on what you think works and areas could be improved. So sign up now of your Chocolate Cake Diet.

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Diets Don’t Work

Why don’t diets work? It’s simple, because diets ask you to eat foods that you do not like and dramatically change your eating habits overnight. It may be possible to sustain this for a month or two or even six months but at some point you will get bored and you will revert to the foods that you enjoy. And, when that happens you regain any of the weight you lost during those painstaking months you suffered through the diets.

Our belief is that the only way to lose weight long term is to change the amount you eat of the foods you like. This is changed by developing lifestyle habits that naturally reduce those quantities in a subconscious way making the weight lose a long term solution instead of a painful quick fix. With the service we provide we can help you achieve your goal for long term weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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